E-Book Introduction to Circular Economy Accounting

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Do you want your organisation to be part of the circular economy? You may be further on than you think. One way to make it clear where you are along the way is to start to present the circularity of your organisation in your financial reporting

In easy sections, with memorable diagrams and illustrations, we take you through how to add reporting lines like:

  • use of renewable energy
  • inputs from renewable and non-renewable sources
  • the waste you  produce – how much is recycled
  •  how much of your installed equipment has the potential to be part of circular production
  • circular products

Download the E-Book in .pdf format so you can take it with you and read on the move.

Sit back and enjoy!  We made a lot of effort to explain this in a clear way so you can concentrate on creating those new reports and engaging staff, customers and other stakeholders in your journey to circularity and sustainability.


User Avatar Stephen Hinton

Stephen Hinton has a long background in environment, sustainability and circular economy. His passion for teaching comes from his early career as a science teacher and then management trainer. After spending many years in industry Stephen started his own sustainability consulting firm. At the same time, as board member of JAK bank and then the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation, Stephen has explored how the financial system impacts our opportunities to create a sustainable society.

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