E-Book Understanding Real Capital.

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The E-book briefing explains how to understand the market failures that deplete Real Capital, and the opportunities for Commons Initiatives to use it to the full.

We are in a time of transition. The world no longer presents vast frontiers of new forests to fell, mineral wealth under our feet to extract, or of new soils to plough. Instead, the Earth has become more like a garden which we realise we need to steward carefully to keep it productive.

We see a transition, from societies where everyone more or less had the basics to massive inequalities where for instance in the UK, one in 200 is homeless.

At least from a European perspective, where the state is seen as the protector of people and resources, and firms are partners in providing what people need, we see this as a massive market failure.

If the modern society puts its faith in firms via the  market to solve societies’ problems, then the failure of societies to solve its problems is surely, by definition, a failure of the market. It is time that the economic system we live under is set up to steward and regenerate Real Capital. This E-Book goes some way to explaining what needs to be done.


User Avatar Stephen Hinton

Stephen Hinton has a long background in environment, sustainability and circular economy. His passion for teaching comes from his early career as a science teacher and then management trainer. After spending many years in industry Stephen started his own sustainability consulting firm. At the same time, as board member of JAK bank and then the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation, Stephen has explored how the financial system impacts our opportunities to create a sustainable society.

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