Money and the circular economy

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What you need to know to make policy – and business strategies – work

Money and the Circular Economy – an introduction

FOR YOU WHO ARE: policy makers, entrepreneurs, activists.


The essentials of money in the circular economy:

  • How the money system works – the basics
  • Three places the monetary system and the circular materials economy intersect
  • For firms, the four areas in your accounts you need to keep under review to be ready for circularity
  • For policy makers, two major lessons for policy

WHY JOIN?  This video-based training gives you an introduction to the money system and the circular economy. Identifying where the circular economy and money system intersect and interact is essential knowledge for those working with economic policy and sustainability. It will also help prepare businesses for coming tightening legislation and raw material shortages – especially this course offers insights into how to connect company accounting and the circular economy.

LENGTH: Just under 20 minutes

HOW TO PREPARE: Read the E-book introduction to the circular economy (strongly recommended).


User Avatar Stephen Hinton

Stephen Hinton has a long background in environment, sustainability and circular economy. His passion for teaching comes from his early career as a science teacher and then management trainer. After spending many years in industry Stephen started his own sustainability consulting firm. At the same time, as board member of JAK bank and then the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation, Stephen has explored how the financial system impacts our opportunities to create a sustainable society.

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